French Montana Accuses 50 Cent of Buying Streams For His Old Single to Make it Look like Fake Streams.

There has just been a major plot twist in the French Montana vs 50 cent beef. French Montana claims 50 cent is buying streams to his old singles, so people will think he is faking streams. It’s a move that if true, sounds very counterproductive on 50 cent’s part.

Buying streams for French Montana would only be putting more money in his pockets. Fans aren’t going to really care about articles accusing him of faking streams. Some of the biggest artists out today such as Drake, are alleged to be faking streams.

As this beef goes on between the two, it has been series of ill advised jokes from both individuals. We can now add buying streams for the person you’re beefing with, to diss them for faking streams, to the list.