A Full Moon will Take Place on Friday the 13th for First Time in Nearly over 20 Years. The last time a full moon on Friday the 13th happened was October 13, 2000. Harvest moon, the next time it will happen? August 13, 2049. A very rare occurrence indeed. The implications of this rare incredible event are major as well.

The old myth is that people go crazy when the full moon is in the Sky. It’s how the werewolf idea came about, I think. Friday the 13th is known as the day of bad luck. When you couple these two things together what does it mean? Maybe the Full Moon craziness cancels out the bad luck or do they make each other stronger? Does a Full moon on Friday the 13th actually symbolize good luck? Just some things to ponder on, on Friday the 13, September 2019, also Full moon day.

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