Himalayas Mountain Tops Seen for First Time in Decades Because of Drop In Pollution from Coronavirus. Clear Skies seen over Himalayas for the first time ever.

The top of the Himalayas at Dhauladar Range was seen for the first time in years from over 120 miles away in Jalandhar, due to the coronavirus lockdown causing a drastic drop in pollution. This comes only few weeks after clear water was seen in Venice, Italy for the first time ever.

Before the COVID-19 quarantine rules began, this would of been impossible due to the immense amount of smog and other pollutants that collected in the sky over the Himalayas.

Nature is truly finally getting that major cleanse is it needed, it’s just a shame it took a pandemic for this to happen.

Hopefully when everything is back to normal, authorities will have a bigger sense of urgency into cutting down on pollution.

Author: JordanThrilla