Worms Inside Strawberries That Are Afraid of Salt Water Go Viral

Worms inside Strawberries that are afraid of salt water are viral. People on social media where seen posting pictures of the tiny worms after soaking strawberries in salt water for 30 minutes. Usually a caption is added stressing the importance of thoroughly washing fruit to help get rid of the worms living inside the strawberries.

The tiny worms people are claiming they saw after Strawberries Soaked in Salt Water for 30 Minutes

Scientists say the average person eats 50 lbs of insects in their lifetime. Most of it is alleged to come from insect fragments everyday food, along with manufacturing processes. Even with that in mind, it's still surprising there is possible worms inside the strawberries we use in tasty ice cream and smoothies.

In summary, soaking a strawberry in salt water for 30 minutes will make worms appear, allegedly. We are too scare to test this theory out.

Author: JordanThrilla



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