Hungry Man sues Popeyes Chicken for running out of chicken sandwiches 😂

If the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich crazy couldn't get any crazier, it just got crazier 😂. A man is suing Popeyes for running out of the new chicken sandwich. He is going with claim of 'emotional damage'. In the lawsuit, he wants $5,000 in damages. He says he believes Popeyes engaged in "false advertising", along with "deceptive business practices."

Does he have a case? Will the court point to the stress that people were going through just to get the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, as a "gift and curse" type of deal? Those lines that people were waiting in, just to get the sandwich where ridiculously long, stressful just looking at it. This will be interesting case, story is still developing.



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