Iran Officially Begins Attacking US Troops Marking the Begin of World War 3. WW3 Begins after Iran officially attacks US Troops.

Iran has begun attacking US Troops. Al-Manar News announced IRGC had launched dozens of surface to surface missiles at Asad Airbase, which houses US Army Forces. This area is located in the Anbar region of Iraq. The worst realization has come, the first true act of war.

Video footage of the moment has now leaked.

Most people were hoping an praying this day wouldn’t come. For a moment it seemed like Iran wouldn’t retaliate, and things would move on peacefully. It seems now that moment has passed, and we are in the midst of another unnecessary war.

Lets all hope and pray the troops at Asad Airbase are all safe. Hopefully cooler heads and prevail in this situation and realize that war destroys families on both sides of the equation. Surveys taken across the country show most people are against war.

Sadly, this is likely the beginning of the 2020 version of World War 3.