J Prince Exposed For Lying about getting Robbed by Tekashi 6IX9INE, Nine Trey Bloods, and 50 Cent.

A new report is claiming that J Prince lied about being robbed by Tekashi69, bloods, and 50 cent. In the report they detailed how a feud started between J Prince, J Prince Jr, Shotti, and Tekashi after J Prince denied them access to a club in Texas.

The feud got serious when J Prince took to Instagram to post video evidence, which made Nine Trey Blood Gang and Shotti very angry.

On the day for alleged robbery, it actually was botched and ended up with Tekashi69 having Shotti’s gun, after Shotti had kicked him out his car. The robbery was allegedly called off because of the scene being too “hot”.

Footage was then uploaded to youtube to make it look like Shotti, Tekashi, and Nine Trey had robbed J Prince and a Rap-A-Lot affiliate. The video however, was just a facade created for clout, so people would think they actually pulled off a robbery on one of the most “gangster” figures in hip hop J Prince. J Prince the allegedly decided to lie about it, saying they did successfully rob him and there would be retribution.

The story is just another drama filled event, in the fake life Tekashi 6IX9INE was living. A fake life, that led him to more danger than he wanted.

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