James Harden Hits Himself in Face with Ball Flopping and Josh Hart reacts Stunned at how Stupid He Is. James Harden is regular on “When Flopping Goes Wrong”, and he is back again. Josh Harts reaction was priceless. James Harden almost knocked himself, by hitting himself in the face with ball after flopping with no foul call. Josh Hart could only look on silently saying “wtf?”. A lot of people can’t stand the way James Harden plays basketball because of antics like this. Antics that are shocking even to his peers on the basketball court.

At some point James Harden will have to realize he is never going to win championship playing the way he currently does. The only people who really think he is the “best offensive player all time” are media trying to create shock value, or people who aren’t really familiar with the game of basketball. Rockets are going nowhere this season or ever, led by a clown like James Harden. However, the laughs he provides with moments such as these, will make him one of the most memorable failures ever.

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