Jay Z Almost Fights Man Who Puts His Hand Around His Shoulders in Viral Video.

Jay Z literally brushed a man off his shoulders. In the viral video a man tries to put his arms around Jay Z shoulders, but he shakes him off then squares up to fight. We knew Jay Z had no cellphone rule, but we didn’t know he had no hands around his shoulders rule for strangers too.

You can see Jay Z showed off his quick reflexes quickly evading the man trying to put his arms around his shoulder. When Jay Z stared him down after, you knew he had pushed the wrong button by invading his personal shoulder space.

Luckily there are no reports of fists being throw, so Jay Z ultimately kept his cool.

People now know not to put your hand on Jay Z shoulders if he doesn’t know you, because he might try to fight you.

Author: JordanThrilla

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