Jay Z Disses Colin Kaepernick and Roger Goodell on The Song “Flux Capacitor” on Jay Electronica’s New Album “A Written Testimony”.

Jay Z called out Colin Kaepernick for calling him a sell out. One the same song Jay Z also took shots at Roger Goodell. On the song “Flux Capacitor” from Jay Electronica’s album, Jay Z says “how can I be a sellout if I’m already rich, I got more many the Goodell”. Jay Z then adds in that he only partnered with NFL to make real change, insinuating Colin Kaepernick didn’t do anything relevant by kneeling on the sidelines.

When news broke of Jay Z entering into a for profit relationship with the NFL, Colin Kaepernick went on rant about Capitalism and insinuated that Jay Z had sold out his own people. Many people agreed with Kaepernick’s sentiment, which led to Jay Z receiving a lot of backlash.

Since that time, the tension around the situation largely simmered down, then flared up again when Colin Kapernick held a private NFL workout. Now with Jay Z dissing Colin Kaepernick and Roger Goodell, it has reignited the flames surrounding this situation.

It will be interesting to see if Kaepernick or Goodell responds, are if they both ignore Jay Z’s comments.

Author: JordanThrilla

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