A Sunday Football tweet video from Jay Z Roc Nation Sports immediately backfired, after angry fans voice their displeasure in response to RocNation. One fan even mentioned Colin Kaepernick. Here were the fans to responses to the Roc Nation Sports Sunday Football tweet:

As you can see they were not happy. There wasn’t even a single comment, in favor of the tweet at the time. Jay Z fans, and others have been very angry about Jay Z decision to partner with the NFL. The displeasure became even more so when he announced a for profit clothing line, that would supposedly help social injustice. Colin Kaepernick responded to Jay Z releasing the clothing line, in a tweet where he quoted a famous passage about capitalism.

At this point, some Jay Z are beginning to feel alienated. There are some who say it is getting harder and harder to be a Jay Z fan these days. Others are trying to ignore everything going on a still try to enjoy his music. One thing is for sure, the perception of Jay Z is definitely starting to change, as Roc Nation Sports gets deeper and deeper into their relationship with the NFL.

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