Jazz and Thunder Players Sent Back To Locker Room During Game Due To a Coronavirus Outbreak in Arena, Possibly.

The Jazz vs Thunder game was stopped on live TV and cancelled due to a coronavirus fear. Thunder and Jazz players were escorted to the locker room by security, because of a coronavirus concern in the arena. Players were seen waiving to the crowd as they were forced to head backstage to avoid contact with anyone infected with the coronavirus

The NBA has been extremely vigiliante in try to protect their players and fans from COVID-19. Just yesterday we saw players starting the new “Coronavirus Distance protocol” the NBA created to prevent reporters from infecting players.

Earlier today San Francisco announced Warriors games were going to be played in empty arenas possibly. Seeing Jazz and Thunder players being sent back the locker room on live TV, just shows how scary this coronavirus is.

Let’s hope nothing serious happened in the arena, and everything is contained properly.

Author: JordanThrilla

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