Things are looking up for Jeremy Lin. After pouring his heart out on Twitter, crying about the NBA giving up on him, it looks like he has finally found his new home. This time it will be in the CBA. Jeremy Lin announced that he will sign with the Beijing Ducks in China next season.

A lot people will say, its not the NBA, so he won’t truly be happy. However, if you remember the Stephon Marbury story, he went to China, became a superstar, and still hasn’t returned to the USA till this day. Stephon Marbury, has enjoyed his CBA career, more so than his NBA career.

I’m sure Jeremy Lin will enjoy his time there as well. Given his background, fans there will be able to somewhat relate to him on a deeper level. Jeremy Lin is for sure going to be a mega superstar there, with the potential to be the biggest superstar basketball player in CBA history.

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