An emotional Jim Jones chose to stay silent and mute about Tekashi 6IX9INE trial case, and 50 cent clowning him on Instagram IG for being a snitch during a recent Breakfast Club radio interview. Jim Jones also sent a warning to 50 cent in his message. “Its consequences and repercussion for certain things like that” is ringing bells on social media. Here is what Jim Jones said on the radio regarding Tekashi69 and 50 cent:

“I wish I could be in a position to say what I want to say, but unfortunately my life has been hectic. You know what I mean.. but where I’m from I do know, people that we call real n*****, or stand up men, we don’t try to tarnish other peoples name by doing bulls*** antics. Its consequences and repercussion for certain things like that. Everybody know my life is real “

While he was talking you could see a lot of emotion on Jim Jones face. Some of them seemed like fear, others like pure anger with a hint of shame. Before he made the statement above, he covered his face with both hands for a good few moments before talking. It’s clear Tekashi69 got him stressed.

What was interesting, is the part of the quote where he says, “Its consequences and repercussions for certain things like that”. Was this a direct warning shot at 50 Cent? The guy known for being a hip hop bully? Or was it a warning to Tekashi69?

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