Jobs Start Doing “Cough Logs” Amid Coronavirus Fears Making The Name “Keke” Go Viral.

Workplaces around the USA have started doing “Cough Logs”, to account for how many times people cough at work. After a photo of “Cough Log” board was posted online showing someone with nickname “Keke” coughing 11 times, her name instantly went viral amid the coronavirus panic.

The cough log idea is meant to alert people at workplace of someone who could be possibly infected with coronavirus. Every time someone coughs you put a mark by their name.

Through the day the person named “Keke” coughed up a storm, making her have twice as many marks as anyone else on the cough log board. Social media caught wind of this, and made her name Keke the number one trending topic on social media.

Let’s hope the person named “Keke” just has bad cough not related to the coronavirus. If Keke does have the virus, the cough log did its job.

Author: JordanThrilla