Julia Roberts almost played Harriet Tubman in a Movie according to a Hollywood Executive, “No One is going to know the difference”

It’s the strangest story of the week so far. According to a report by EW, a studio executive in Hollywood suggested that Julia Roberts play Harriet Tubman. When the executive was confronted about his suggestion, they reportedly said,

“It was so long ago. No one is going to know the difference”

according to Entertainment Weekly. The claim came from the Harriet screenwriter, so it holds a lot of weight.

In Hollywood there have been times where a white actor, played a black person. One good example is Tropic Thunder, where Robert Downey Jr, portrayed the African-American character “Kirk Lazarus”.

Never has a historical figure been portrayed in this manner, especially one as heroic as Harriet Tubman. There was even hoopla over Idris Elba portraying the historical fictitious character “007”, which isn’t even a person rather an agent number. The importance of accurately and authentically portraying anything considered “historic” in a movie is clear. Even if that importance can be misguided in certain instances such as with “007”. Julia Roberts playing Harriet Tubman in a movie almost surely would of got major backlash from all angles.

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