Kanye West gives DJ Khaled Yeezy Sneakers off his feet at Airport in Atlanta after Sunday Service👀

Kanye West gave DJ Khaled the Yeezys Sneakers off his feet at the Airport in Atlanta today after Sunday Service. DJ Khaled was thrilled and honored Kanye West extended the gesture of Yeezy towards him. Kanye and DJ Khaled go way, way back. They have made a lot of music together, and have collaborated as producers.

If you go back in ancient history as well, when someone gave you the shoes off their feet, it was the ultimate sign of respect. Hopefully DJ Khaled wears the same size as Kanye 😂. Or maybe Kanye West purposely wore the same size he wears, knowing he would give them to him, later on that day. If not, DJ Khaled still has quite the souvenir and story he tell his son, years from now.



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