Kanye West is officially the highest paid hip hop act artist of 2019. He tops the list with a staggering $150 Million in revenue. Jay Z came in a distance second with $81 Million, with Drake coming in a distant 3rd with $75 million. A lot of cash made from all three.

Kanye West, takes the top of the list thanks to his ultra successful fashion and sneaker line. His sneakers line is not rumored to be worth billion dollars as a company, and Kanye allegedly owns %10 percent of that. !0% may sound small, but not when you own 10% of a billion dollar franchise. Along with his fashion success, he also still makes a lot of his music discography, along with producing. Don’t forget he is also married to Kim Kardashian, who although her status as a “socialite” is a very astounding business mind.

The top 15 on the list is below:

1. Kanye West $150 Million

2. Jay Z – $81 Million

3. Drake – $75 Million

4. Diddy – $70 Million

5. Travis Scott – $58 Million

6. Eminem – $50 Million

7. DJ Khaled $40 Million

8. Kendrick Lamar $38.5 Million

9. Migos $36 Million

10. Childish Gambino $35 Million

11. J Cole $31 Million

12. Nicki Minaj $29 Million

13. Cardi B $28 Million

14. Swizz Beatz $23 Million

15. Meek Mill $20 Million

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