Kanye West Allegedly Says White Women are Better at Sex than Black Women, dissing Black Women in New Interview.

Kanye West is going viral again for controversial comments he allegedly said. This time Kanye West allegedly boldly stated that he believes white women are better at sex than black women according to reports.

Kanye West allegedly backed up his claim saying that White women make use of all the human senses to make sure their man is pleased, while black women don’t. According to reports, during the interview Kanye West allegedly said,

“When more senses that are involved during sexual intercourse, the better the sex is.  White women involved all the senses during sex including sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing”

Kanye West would be definitely speaking from experience since he was dating a black woman, before marrying Kim Kardashian. On the other hand, there are rumors on social media that his previous girlfriend did him wrong, so this may be a comment made out of spite. Either way Kanye West is back in the news, for something he possibly he said again.

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