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Kanye West using Sunday Service to Convert People into Trump Supporters for President Re-Election?

Is Kanye West using Sunday Service to promote and support Donald Trump for President in re-election? Is Kanye West using Sunday Service to convert people into Trump Supporters? After Kanye West talked about the Republican Party, his support for Trump, and Abraham Lincoln freeing slaves he might be. Kanye also said, “I ain’t never made a decision only based on my color. That’s a form of slavery, mental slavery”. It almost sounded like Donald Trump paid for a campaign speech from him.

Kanye West trying to convert people in Donald Trump supporters through his Sunday Service, would be both a genius and disheartening thing. On one hand, it is a very clever way, to shift the beliefs of people against the person you're promoting politically. On the other hand, you have Kanye West using a sacred place and day, to promote his political ideals and beliefs in hopes getting the person he wants to President, elected again. Basically taking advantage in a very bad way.

Hopefully, it was just another ill placed Kanye West rant, at wrong place and time. Hopefully there wasn't a hidden agenda behind Sunday Service this whole time. That's the optimist in me, hoping though.

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