Kendrick Perkins Weak Left Hook Exposed in New Boxing Training for Weight Loss Video.

Kendrick Perkins’ very weak left punch was revealed in a new boxing video. Kendrick Perkins has gained 75 lbs since retiring as an NBA player 2 years ago, and was starting his first day of a weight loss training. He was on the verge of getting diabetes.

You would think one of the meanest NBA players ever would pack a powerful look hook, but Kendrick Perkins looks to have the punching power of a retired quarterback who had noodle arm issues in his prime.

Kendrick Perkins likely disappointed millions of fans with horrible excuse for a left hook. It almost looked like Perkins was just tapping the punching bag, but you could tell he was trying to punch hard.

Kendrick Perkins right hook looks like it could knock a few people out.

All in all, the good thing here is that Kendrick Perkins was able to start his weight loss journey before suffering any long term health issues. In a few months, we might see Kendrick Perkins looking slimmer than Kevin Durant.

Author: JordanThrilla