Kevin Durant called OKC fans “venomous” and “toxic” for being upset mad he left for Golden State Warriors. Durant says he planned on coming back to Thunder, but changed his mind after he saw the fans reactions in Oklahoma City. In the interview with WSJ, he says ”Such a venomous toxic feeling when I walked into that arena. And just the organization, the trainers and equipment managers, those dudes is pissed off at me? Ain’t talking to me? I’m like, Yo, this is where we going with this? Because I left a team and went to play with another team?”. He goes on to say because of the fans reaction to him leaving he will never come back to the Thunder.

Kevin Durant seems to be a bit delusional about the situation, so lets go back in time for a refresher. In 2016 Kevin Durant and Thunder had a 3-1 lead on the Warriors. Kevin Durant also had the better supporting cast. Kevin Durant went on to lose that series choking in the final three games of series. His worst game was Game 6, where Thunder had the lead with about 4 minutes left to go, and Kevin Durant single handily lost Thunder the game. A few months later he signed with the team he choked against, to help them win more Championships. Kevin Durant ran from the competition and team he couldn’t beat in the literal sense.

For Kevin Durant to say this about the Oklahoma City Thunder fan base shows just how out of touch Kevin Durant is with reality. For him to not understand why most people don’t respect his decision to Join the Warriors, shows an extreme level delusion. Hopefully one day, Kevin Durant will understand Thunder fans pain, an apologize for calling them “toxic” and “venomous”

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