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Kevin Love Beats Up a Chair or Kills Spider on His Chair During Cavaliers vs Raptors

Kevin Love Beats Up a Chair or Kills Spider on his Chair During Cavaliers vs Raptors.

Was Kevin Love killing a spider on his chair or beating up the chair out of frustration? This is the question people asking after a video went viral of Kevin Love viciously hitting his chair on the Cavaliers bench.

Kevin Love is usually a mellow more reserved player. Seeing a large spider would definitely bring him out of character. At the same time Cavaliers were getting destroyed by the Raptors, so it definitely could of been frustration.

The moment brought back memories of Chris Paul slapping his chair on the sideline while watching James Harden choke away the 3-2 lead he gave the Rockets against Warriors before getting injured.

With rumors swirling that Raptors are making a play to get Kevin Love on their roster, Cavaliers fans are probably hoping there was just a large spider chilling on his chair.

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