Rapper King Los Calls Out Comedian Tony Hinchcliffe For Disrespecting Kobe Bryant's Death

King Los Checks Comedian Tony Hinchcliffe For Disrespecting Kobe Bryant's Death.

Rapper King Los called out comedian Tony Hinchcliffe for disrespecting Kobe's death in a helicopter crash on Instagram.

In the lengthy caption of the IG post he said,

"I respect freedom of speech but I also understand that the value of the black family will never fully resonate with oppressors children nor is it their responsibility to give a f***. I’m a big comedy fan but this could only be funny to those who have zero empathy for the loss we took as a culture. You violated and some will laugh but please understand the same thing that makes you laugh can be the thing that makes your family cry. I know you only see us as athletes and rappers but that was a great black father who just so happened to be a King in our community. This is what happens when we let people like Zimmerman live , our death becomes a joke in a struggling comedians failed attempt to be a clout chaser please note: this is only a joke our enemies would make."

King Los is not happy that Tony Hinchcliffe used his platform to joke about the death of Kobe and his daughter.

RIP Kobe Bryant, Gianna, and the 7 others who perished in the helicopter crash.

Author: JordanThrilla



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