Kylie Jenner Claims her Biggest Fear Is "Dust in a Cup" and Travis Scott Smells Like Weed Marijuana

Kylie Jenner said her Biggest Fear Is "Dust in a Cup" and that Travis Scott Smells Like Weed Marijuana, in a recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres . Dust in a cup is an odd thing to be a afraid of, especially for a really rich person. Does she not have her maid washing cups regularly? Does she leave them out in the open after washing them, so they collect dust? Or maybe she is sending a warning to her housekeeper, so she doesn't have to fire her 😂.

In terms of Travis Scott, her saying he smells like Weed Marijuana, isn't really surprising. He raps about it a lot in his music, so at least we know he's keeping it real. Also Kylie Jenner must love the smell, since she is married to him and has a baby with him. Now people are wondering what Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner will say about this.



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