Kylie Jenner Has Finally Changed into Kim Kardashian.

Kyle Jenner has morphed into Kim Kardashian. A new photo she posted on social media has the world buzz at how identical Kylie and Kim look now. Kylie Jenner even has the wide hip shape that Kim Kardashian is famous for.

Social media is shocked because a few years ago Kylie Jenner didn’t look the way she does now, she had her own unique look. Now it looks like Kim Kardashian has been cloned and turned younger. If you didn’t look twice you would think that was Kim Kardashian in the photo. That’s not to say it’s a bad thing, but it does seem a bit strange in some way.

Is the resemblance intentional or just a huge coincidence? One thing is for sure, Kylie Jenner is a great business woman just like Kim Kardashian and they are both the shortest members of their family, so they already had some things in common.

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