Kyrie Irving Compares Himself to Martin Luther King in Strange Interview.

These days Kyrie Irving spends more time talking in interviews than actually playing basketball due to injuries. In his most recent interview he shocked the world when he compared himself to the late MLK.

Kyrie Irving compared Martin Luther King getting crucified for promoting peace and social integration, to people talking about him during the 7 weeks he was injured. The comments start at the 2:43 mark of the interview.

The crazy thing here is, what people say about Kyrie Irving is actually truth. Nets play better as a team without him, the same way Celtics played better as a team without him. Somehow Kyrie thinks people saying this, puts him in the same boat as a historical figure like MLK.

Before the season started we wrote an article about how Nets Kyrie Irving era would be a disaster. So far it looks like we were right, and he is going to miss more games now because he is injured again with a hamstring injury.

Author: JordanThrilla