Lavar Ball Says His Sons Will Get Their Man Bodies Later Because Their Mom is White in New Interview.

Lavar Ball blamed his sons not having man bodies yet on their mother being white in a viral interview on undisputed. Lavar Ball believes their mother’s white genes are slowing down their man bodies development.

In the same video Lavar Ball said Gelo will outscore Zion Williamson and Lakers will lose to Pelicans in the first round. Social Media is calling Lavar Ball racist and crazy.

Despite his outlandish comments, the confidence Lavar Ball has in his sons is unmatched. He goes 110% in his support for his sons, which is beautiful to see despite what the media would have you believe.

Some of what he is saying isn’t crazy either. In high school Liangelo Ball averaged 34 ppg on 50% shooting, and had way more polished game than Zion. It’s not far fetched that he would be a better scorer than Zion who basically scores off wide open dunks and layups for 85% of his points.

On the flip side, none of his sons have really grown into their bodies yet including Lonzo, so Lavar Ball is just using pseudo-science to find a reason for that. In reality they probably just need to hit the weight room and diet right for a few more years to fill out.

All in all, Lavar Ball is sure to go viral after his comments.

Author: JordanThrilla

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