Leaked audio of Tekashi69 (6IX9INE) testifying in court on the stand, snitching has been released. His voice seems to have changed,almost like there isn’t a gangster bone left in 6IX9INE’s body. In the audio you can hear Tekashi69 stepping up to stand. He then states his name and nicknames, among other things. In comparison to his voice during when he was a free man, he sound timid, scared, and very proper. Almost as if, his alter ego music persona, is completely a thing of the past now. After this audio leaked, it would be very hard for him to ever go back to the Tekashi69 we witnessed, before he was arrested, some would say.

The whole persona he made his career off of, is basically a great acting job, based on his alleged testimony. He did everything not because he liked doing it, but because he knew the money it would bring. He probably wasn’t expecting it to go this far, with him ending up in jail. That’s probably why you hear the real him in his voice, when all the acting has been thrown out the window, in this alleged leaked audio of tekashi69 in court on the stand.

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