Lebron James has officially asked Lakers to make Anthony Davis the team’s offensive “Focal Point”. That’s right Lebron James wants AD, to be Lakers main option. This means Lebron James is finally ready to become a second option for the first time in his legendary career.

What is the deeper meaning to this? For one this means Lebron James is coming to grip with his old age. Coming to the 2019-2020 season, Lebron James will be pushing 35 years old. Sure he is still clearly in his prime, but father time is still undefeated. If you look at last season, Lebron was continuously injured. Now he can finally take a step back, and preserve his body for that playoffs run.

For Anthony Davis, this means Lebron kept his word. Part of getting Anthony Davis to sign with the Lakers, was convincing him that Lebron would take a backseat on offensive. Till now, Lebron hadn’t officially said he was ready to that, but this make it official. With no more questions around the pecking order on the team, Lakers can now focus on growing their chemistry as a team especially on defense. I still predict Lebron to have his same usual overall numbers with a slight drop in the scoring department. Lebron shot 50% last season, so expect his shooting percentages to go up even higher since second options, usually face less pressure from opposing defense. Expect Lebron to play a lot of Magic Johnson type point guard duties this season.

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