This message is one that will touch anyone, even if you aren’t a dad. Even if you have no sons, this will still touch you. Lebron James shared the emotions he felt, when he saw his two sons Lebron James aka Bronny Jr, and Bryce, playing basketball at 5 am in his driveway on Instagram Live.

In the video you can see Bronny doing a series of incredible dunks. Bryce tries to dunk to, but fails at his attempts ????. He then switches to trying fancy layups. All the while, Lebron James quietly watches from the distance, admiring his offspring. Makes you wonder how NBA players and former NBA players like Kobe Bryant feel, given the fact that they never had a son.

The video puts in perspective how athletic his first son has become. As he gets older the Lebron James athleticism keeps creeping in. Lebron is definitely right, when he said “it’s in the genes”

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