Lebron James Curses Out his Lakers Teammates For Jogging Lazily on a Fast break Missing an Easy Layup Opportunity, and Leaves KCP hanging during Lakers vs Mavericks. “He’s all Jogging and sh*t, get your f*cking Layup!”.

Lebron James is completely locked in this season and he has no time for laziness. After a wild sequence at the end of the 2nd quarter, Lebron James cursed out his Lakers teammates for their lazy play saying,

“He’s all Jogging and sh*t, get your f*cking Layup!”

The Lakers looks speechless as Lebron chewed them up, but they understood his sentiment. Rondo was the only one smiling, as he is the kind of person that likes being cursed out probably. There is no time for laziness during Lebron’s revenge season. You go hard at all times under this new Lebron regime.

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