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Lebron James Does the Worst Travel of the Season So Far and Doesn't Get Called For It

Lebron James Does the Worst Travel of the Season So Far, literally walks with the ball, and doesn't Get Called For It during Jazz vs Lakers.

Lebron James was a football player before he decided to focus on basketball. He showed those football skills today, when he literally went for a quick with basketball, then started dribbling again so fast, the referee couldn't even call it.

As Lebron James walked up the court stoned faced in GOAT mode, he just stopped dribbling and started to walk with ball. The player guarding him was even screaming at referees, and they still didn't budge to blow a whistle. He then started dribbling again like nothing happened and the game went on as scheduled.

On the surface it looks like a really bad travel, but it shows you how mythical Lebron James is on the court. NBA referees wouldn't dare blow the whistle interrupting his quick walk.

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