Lebron James trademark application for “Taco Tuesday” has been Refused, Denied, and Rejected by US Patent & Trademark Office. This isn’t surprising considering the Taco Tuesday phrase was started long before Lebron started making viral social media videos around. You can’t blame Lebron James for trying though, had he have won the patent, he would of instantly became a billionaire potentially.

The questions remains, where did “Taco Tuesday” originate? As I said before, it seems like I woke up one day, and it was just a thing. Mainly you would here woman raving about “Taco Tuesday”. Maybe I’m in the minority when I say Taco’s aren’t even that good, so I never understood the craze. Hopefully this doesn’t stop Lebron from making Taco Tuesday videos. Hopefully we don’t see Lebron try to trademark hair loss next????

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