Lil Yachty Wears Wig and Dresses Up as Oprah to Interview Drake about Mumble Rap on the “Boprah Show”.

Lil Yachty wore an Oprah Costume to interview Drake on his thoughts about mumble rappers. Lil Yacht called his version of the Oprah Show the “Boprah Show”. Drake seemed to purposely make himself sound like someone who is out of touch with Hip Hop, even going as far as mispronouncing Lil Yachty name during the pseudo interview. At the same time it sounded like his normal non rapping voice.

Lil Yachty’s fake Oprah Interview was to promote a new song he, Drake, and DaBaby just released called “Oprah’s Bank Account”. The song is about all the money she has amassed over the years, and how they have similar funds from rap.

Oprah is getting old and will need someone to carry on her legacy. After seeing Lil Yachty dressed up as Oprah interviewing Drake, it’s safe to say he might be able to carry that torch for her.

Author: JordanThrilla