Lizzo Gets Banned for Life from Lakers Staples Center Games for Mooning Lakers Crowd by Twerking in Her Thong on the Jumbotron Screen. Lizzo is banned from Lakers Arena and can no longer attend Lakers Games Allegedly.

Lizzo has officially been banned from Lakers Arena. She will no longer be allowed to attend their home games according to reports. Lizzo went viral after she flashed Lakers Crowd twerking dancing in her thong, then allegedly got immediately kicked out.

Lakers twitter also deleted a tweet about her after they had to cut the video of her twerking. That may have been a sign of things to come.

Many people are saying Lakers went overboard, but many say the punishment is just since kids were at the game. The announcement she was banned left a lot of social media shocked, but also laughing. All in all, it’s a tough situation for everyone, for something that was meant to be a harmless joke.

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