Lori Harvey Confirms Relationship With Future, with a Long Kiss on Instagram Live. Steve Harvey’s daughter kisses Future.

Lori Harvey is officially dating Future, even though her dad Steve Harvey hates rappers. When Lori Harvey kissed Future on IG Live, it confirmed the rumors that they were a couple. Lori Harvey has recently dated P Diddy, P Diddy’s son, and now you can add Future to the list.

In the past Future was known to be the worst type of person to have a relationship, Ciara spoke of him as a person still living the fast life who couldn’t stay faithful.

In this case, however Lori Harvey was living the fast life too, even getting in accidents and running away.

Lori Harvey and Future seem to be the perfect balance for each other, more alike than Future and Ciara were. This might actually last a long time, but only time will tell.

Future is part of the Steve Harvey family now. Steve Harvey doesn’t like rapper so he may be somewhere crying right now trying to hide his tears behind sunglasses.

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