Man Almost Shoots A Random Man Bothering Him for Recording Him, While Eating His Popeyes Chicken Sandwich.

“Almost Had To Kablaam A N**** Today While Eating A Chicken Sandwich”, the words of man who was confronted by a random person who claimed he was being bullied and didn’t want to be recorded, while eating his chicken sandwich.

In the viral video, a man in heard trying to fight people who were allegedly bullying him inside Popeyes. When he sees the man with the gun recording him he immediately confronts him knocking the phone out his hand, while he was eating a chicken sandwich.

This is when the guy with the gun says “I’ll shoot you”, and the crazy man replied “I don’t care about dying, they’re bullies”. Luckily no one was shot during the incident. Hopefully everyone got the meal and the guy was able to finish that chicken sandwich in peace.

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