A Los Angeles man was arrested three times in one day, due to California’s “Zero-Bail” coronavirus policy. It all started when Dijon Landrum attempted to break into a car and drive off. He was arrested and released with a citation. About 60 minutes after he was released, the same police received a call about the suspect stealing items from peoples’ front yards. The officers located Dijon Landrum with the stolen items, confiscated them, and gave him a second citation.

In the night of the same day, someone reported their car was stolen from a store parking lot. The officers located Dijon Landrum driving car on a La Puente highway, and a police chase ensued. The suspect was arrested for a third time, charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, issued citation, and released.

A man being arrested three times in one day was only made possible by California’s “Zero-Bail” policy, which is still very controversial.

Author: JordanThrilla