For a woman sometimes being tall poses the same problems men who feel too short face. It can create insecurities that impacts confidence in their day to day lives. For one woman named Marie Temara who faced criticism from her peers due to being above average in height, she turned to a social media platform to gain confidence, and give hope to other women who might be facing the same issues.

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Marie Temara OnlyFans Leak? 6 Foot 2 Inch OnlyFans Model Goes Viral For Making $100K a Month

According to the CDC the average height of woman in the United States is only 5’4″, and the average height of a male is 5’9″. Standing at 6’2″ without shoes on Marie Temara is 10 inches taller than the average female, and 5 inches taller than the average male. Essentially on a day to day basis she towers over 99% of people.

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Naturally her height used to have a devastating impact on her mental mind state as she has admitted on social media many times that she used to be embarrassed about her height, and had dreams of being an average sized woman. Rather than letting her insecurities follow her for a lifetime Marie Temara gained confidence, and found a way to celebrate her unique height while giving confidence to other women in her same shoes by taking advantage of the OnlyFans platform.

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Now Marie Temara’s OnlyFans allegedly makes $100K a month, and she has close to a half million subscribers. If you do the math she’s possibly making over $1 Million dollars per year, because of the height she used to be insecure about, what a plot twist. Now she regularly posts videos making fun of herself in a confident manner by showing how small everyday objects are compared to her massive size on both OnlyFans and her @marietemara4.0 TikTok account.

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Some people feel that a Marie Temara OnlyFans leak is inevitable now that her story is going viral, but hopefully that doesn’t happen. Unfortunately many times in the past an OnlyFans leak has happened after a content creator’s success story trends worldwide.

Marie Temara’s journey to stardom sounds similar to that of Maci Currin who started an OnlyFans, because she has the longest legs in the world.

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