Mayor Forgets To Turn Off Microphone in Bathroom During Coronavirus Update Meeting and Lets Off Massive Fart Over Intercom.


A mayor allegedly forgot to turn off his microphone during a coronavirus meeting, after he excused himself to use the bathroom. Politicians at the meeting where shocked when they heard the mayor fart loudly and flush a toilet over the loud speakers in the coronavirus meeting room.


It almost looks like something you would only seem in a comedy movie, like Superbad or American Pie. It’s not everyday you hear a mayor fart like that. The woman on the microphone couldn’t help but laugh for few seconds before he stopped herself.


Everyone was probably wondering how could mayor forget to turn off his microphone during a meeting about the coronavirus?


If this is really what happened, the mayor must of been very embarrassed when he found out what had just happened. Maybe people were nice, and decided not to mention it. In that case the mayor probably never knew he forgot to turn off his mic during a coronavirus update meeting.


Author: JordanThrilla


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