Meek Mill curved Lil Mama trying to romance, shoot her shot, and holla at him on Instagram IG. Her attempted romance advance failed in woeful fashion. In the Instagram Comments she asked Meek Mill “Why you ain’t just post us”, Meek Mill responded with a “Oh you shooting ya shot “shot” huh”.

In other words this meant he was basically saying hell to the nah ????. When you try to romance someone and they say some fashion of “you serious”, you know it will never happen. At the very least Lil Mama was brave enough to go for what she wanted. A lot of people would be too afraid to out right romance someone they liked. The bright side here is Lil Mama is still single, so maybe another Meek Mill will come around some day and make her dreams come true. For Meek Mill, going from dating Nicki Minaj to dating Lil Mama would be quite the 180 ????

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