Mike Tyson Says He Feels “Empty Without Boxing”. Mike Tyson cries on Hotboxin’ while talking about his past. Mike Tyson calls himself a “b**ch”

People are fearing Mike Tyson may be suicidal after a sad interview where he cried as he admitted he feels empty and depressed without boxing, and fears his former self.

Mike Tyson even went as far as to say he sometimes feels like a “b***h”. The interview is tough to watch without holding back a few tears.

On the surface many people thought Mike Tyson was completely at peace mentally. However, it looks like there is still a war raging on in his mind everyday, just on a different battle field now.

Mike Tyson was known as one the most infamous “villains” in the sports world during his prime. The Mike Tyson we see now is the complete opposite, almost surreal. It seems Mike Tyson himself feels the same way in a sense.

Let’s hope Mike Tyson can get it together, and find true peace within himself.

Author: JordanThrilla