Molly Qerim told Damien woody “Stop talking over me” on Firs Take earlier today setting social media on fire with hilarious reactions. Many people believe that Molly Qerim tries to assert her authority on First Take a lot. Now people are saying this could be more proof.

Apparently Damien Woody found that out the hard way, when she yelled “Stop Talking over me” at him, because he kept interrupting her. It’s possible she was doing so in a sarcastic manner, but most people believe it was real raw emotions coming out in that moment. In the past it’s been clear she doesn’t take any kind of perceived disrespect lightly.

Molly Qerim last went viral for accusing Lavar Ball of flirting with her, because he said a common phrase “we can switch gears anytime”. The video didn’t seem to prove that Lavar Ball was flirting with her, but ESPN banned Lavar Ball anyway.

Molly Qerim is definitely a legend in the sports world, because of the strong personality features she brings to the table with her ability to make sure her voice gets heard. Often times on sports talk shows the female hosts don’t seem to get as much camera time, such as how Undisputed seems to do by not having Jennifer Hale included while Skip and Shannon are debating.

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