NBA legalizes Traveling with New Change to Rule book Language Defining Traveling Violations??

The NBA has basically legalized traveling with a new official rule book change on defining how traveling violations are governed. A new "language" was approved. Now, the "Gather" has been defined in a section of the NBA rule book. Before, it was an "unwritten" rule. An unwritten rule, referees were using to rationalize no calls on ridiculous travels. Now they have the support of a written definition in the official NBA rule book.

For those that were tired of seeing traveling being rewarded this is a worst nightmare scenario. Now when James Harden does his triple step back, or when Lebron James takes 5 steps on his drive, or when Russell Westbrook forgets he has to dribble, the rule book will be on their side. It will be interesting to see, how players that usually didn't travel, take advantage of this new rule book change.



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