NBA Suspends Season Due to Coronavirus Outbreak after Rudy Gobert Tests Positive for COVID-19.

The NBA Season has officially been suspended due to the coronavirus concerns after Rudy Gobert became infected. This comes moments after the Jazz vs Thunder game was stopped on live TV. Most people thought it would be inevitable that NBA would decide to suspend the season, and they ended up being right.

For basketball fans everywhere, this is the worst nightmare come true. Some rumors say the cancellation could last 2 weeks or even longer depending on where things stand with the outbreak a few weeks from now.

Today reports where released that said the coronavirus would somehow change everyone lives in some way. For some people the NBA suspending the season could be that life change.

What people forget in situations like these, are the people who make their living from working various jobs in the arena during NBA games. With NBA games being suspended because of the coronavirus, some of those hourly wage workers won’t be getting a pay check in these coming weeks.

Pray for everyone and the NBA through this tough time. Better days hopefully are on the horizon. Hopefully the NBA season isn’t suspended for long.

Author: JordanThrilla

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