NBA Youngboy Caught Faking Comments with Bots on Instagram Posts.

NBA Youngboy is being called out by fans after they noticed something very strange about a recent Instagram post. NBA Youngboy’s Instagram post got over 10,000 comments in under 4 minutes.

Even Kylie Jenner who has 157 Million IG followers, can’t get close to this amount of comments in 4 minutes. This leads fans to believe that NBA Youngboy is definitely faking comments with bots on his IG to make him seem more popular.

If you notice on the Instagram post it says “liked thousands of people“. This is because Instagram CEO has done away with likes just to circumvent the type of thing fans believe NBA Youngboy is doing with his comments now.

The integrity of the music industry seems to be at an all time low during this social media age.

NBA stands for “Never Broke Again” Youngboy, and it’s clear he is willing do anything to make sure that never happens, including possibly faking comments on IG.