New Audio Video Recorded by Neighborhood Kobe Bryant’s Helicopter Flew Over in its Final Moments Before Impact.

Audio recorded by people who live in a neighborhood Kobe Bryant’s helicopter flew over before impact has been released. In the audio you hear Kobe’s Helicopter final moments of flying very low, a loud thud, then silence.

The audio is very sad to hear. It paints a picture of a crash that happened quickly and suddenly.

They allegedly didn’t have control of the helicopter 15 seconds before impact, so in part of this audio you are actually hearing the helicopter flying completely out of control of the pilot.

Eye witness accounts along with the new NTSB report details supports the audio in these new videos. There are many consistencies you will find between the three.

RIP Kobe Bryant, Gianna, and the 7 others who passed away in the helicopter crash.

Author: JordanThrilla

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