New Orleans Police Shut Down Bourbon Street and Forced People To Stop Partying Due to Coronavirus.

Bourbon Street was quarantined by New Orleans police, while it was still crowded and bustling with people partying. The Police showed up in SUV’s with their sirens roaring, shouting commands through a microphone at the Bourbon Street party goers.

The New Orleans police sternly told the Bourbon Street crowd to clear the streets and go back to their home or hotel. The Bourbon Street party goers looked on in shock, which seems to give the sense that there was no knowledge of a Police shut down beforehand.

It’s crazy times right now, almost like a movie. 2020 seems like one of the most shocking years ever. We can only hope the coronavirus era ends soon, so things can go back to being normal again.

Seeing New Orleans police quarantine Bourbon Street makes you realize why we should appreciate the “normal” days more, when society is able to get back that to that.

Stay safe everyone.

Author: JordanThrilla

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