Nipsey Hussle Affiliated Rapper Momoh and Girlfriend Shot and Killed in Double Murder after flaunting cash on Instagram.

A Minnesota Rapper named Momoh has been shot and killed at his house. His girlfriend was shot to death moments later after she was allegedly kidnapped and taken to an alley. Momoh’s death has shocked the Minnesota community.

Reports say he was flaunting cash on Instagram in this video before the incident happened.

Reports say the culprit broke into Momoh’s home while his children where still there, and shot him. After he left their house he then allegedly took Momoh’s girlfriend to an alley way and shot her. A truly horrific span of events.

The fact that his girlfriend was taken to an alley way before being shot according to reports, makes it seem like a very planned event. Momoh was a known affiliate of Nipsey Hussle when he was alive, and even had song in the works that featured Nipsey Hussle.

His untimely death brings sorrow to hip hop world early in 2020. RIP Momoh and his girlfriend.

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